(Untitled, 2018)

Todos creamos un propio "yo", uno que habita en una realidad distinta. Me pregunto si vivimos como alguien más, si ese "yo" pertenece a todos menos a nosotros mismos.

왜 인생을 코미디라 하지?
웃다가 울다가 하니?
난 지금 무슨 표정?
어떤 얼굴의 모습? 가식이 탈이지
죽어라 자기최면을 거네
잘 먹고 살려고 명을 거래해
이름값이 얼마 하게
(You'll pay?)
궁금하면 연락해 (To. 태희)

Why do they say life is a comedy? Because we laugh and cry?
What kind of face am I making right now?
It doesn't matter what kind, it's all a mask
Putting our lives on the line to self-hypnotize ourselves
Gambling with our lives just to live comfortably
Guess how much my name is worth
(You’ll pay?)
Call if you’re curious (To Taehee).

Diana Valero Parra

Diana Valero Parra

INTJ. Mexicana. Diana.